Social Hall


The Social Hall is the place where all the fun happens; Plays, dancing, dinners, cocktails and above all laughter! Ask any member of the community their favorite memory of Woodlands and no doubt it will include an event held in the social hall.


The large space is home to center stage, where many talented Woodlanders have performed their craft over the years.

Maintaining the social hall is a community effort. Please clean areas after using, leaving things in better condition than you found them is always a nice way to be.


Use of Social Hall for Private Parties

To request use of the social hall for a private function, provide the Board with the following information:

1. Date, so it can be determined if there’s a conflict with any other party request or scheduled meeting.

2. Start and end times of the event, including set-up and clean-up, to clarify how long the social hall will be in use.

3. Approximate number of guests.  If there will be a large number, try to make other parking arrangements since there is very limited guest parking, e.g., parking on local streets near Baker St. and walking up, or carpooling, if possible.


The caretaker should not be involved in any of the arrangements for private parties, including setup or cleanup.



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