Bruce Pivarnik

Contact Information:

  • Phone: cell 914-953-9791

  • Cottage #3

  • Work HoursMarch 1 through the start of Memorial day weekend, 5 days per week​​

                        Memorial day weekend through the end of Labor Day weekend, 6 days per week

                    End of Labor day weekend through December 21, 5 days per week

                    January and February, no specific work hours


Bruce Pivarnik lives year round at Mohegan with his wife, two children and their cat, Chloe. Bruce has been employed as Mohegan Woodlands caretaker for many years.  Bruce's grandfather was the first caretaker at Mohegan Woodlands.


Bruce is responsible for making rounds of the property on a regular basis. Bruce lets the board know when problems arise with the buildings or land, including roads, open spaces and landscaping. Bruce ensures comings and goings of people on the property making sure co-operators are safe and trespassers are kept out. Bruce's primary responsabilities include but are not limited to;

  • Light carpentry

  • Lawn care, leaf removal

  • Pool, tennis court and social hall maintenance

  • Garbage removal


Bruce also has a helper, which changes based on availability/need.


Bruce is available to assist co-operators with personal caretaking matters (ie: carpentry) during hours he is not working for Woodlands (see above work hours). 


Any questions related to Bruce please notify Maintenance Chair, Kathleen Stringer or any member of the board.

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