About Mohegan Woodlands

Mohegan Woodlands, nestled back  in the town of Mohegan Lake NY is a small co-operative community comprised of 28 seasonal cottages and one year round cottage occupied by the care-taker and his family. The Woodlands has 17 acres of land, including an area called New Lands Acres (aka Wetlands).


Mohegan Woodlands originally began as a rental communtiy owned and operated by Ethel Hillel in 1965. Ethel lived in cottage #1. It wasn't until 1967 that Ethel turned the bungalow community into a co-operative enterprise. Ethel offerred first dibs to those who had rented. Ira and Myra Shein purchsed in 1967, for $3,000. Sunny and Ralph Mensch and The Montes' soon followed. Since then, almost all of the cottages have been renovated.


Ethel was particular about those she was let in to the exclusive Woodlands. If you played poker you were out. If you played bridge? In!


For many years Woodlands was a robust, social community with cooperators showcasing their talents writing and acting in their own plays, and comedy sketches.  

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