About the Pool:

  • The pool is maintaned with chlorine.

  • The temperature is regulated by a heater and is typically 82 degress.

  • The shallow end is 3 feet and the deep end is 5 and 6 feet deep.


POOL HOURS: Daily 9AM until dusk. The pool season stays open until the chlorine runs out; typically early September. 


WIFI: Domain name 41A598 

        Password: 85727106

Eating is allowed anywhere in the pool enclosure. Please be mindful of recycling, and general cleaning up after yourself.


RULES: (please click Rules for comprehensive list)

  • No diving 

  • No glass 

  • No pets 

  • No swimming alone 

  • Lock Gate. 



There are lounge chairs, chairs and tables available for rest, relaxation, dining, game playing, reading, etc. Swim toys, floaties, etc can also be used!  Do not leave personal items at the pool.

If you have questions or concerns regarding the pool please contact Sports Chair Barbara McKeon.

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