The Woodlands are nestled in by surrounding trees, bushes and beautiful. It's the goal of the community to preserve the natural setting of the environment, allowing only necessary trimming or manicuring of the landscape.


Each season co-operators are asked to identify any trees or shrubs to be inspected for rot/decay and to be cut down. This should be brought to the attention of the Maintenance Chair Kathleen Stringer.



Keeping the community clean and vibrant is an effort required by everyone. Each night Bruce brings the garbage,to the street for collection.


Garbage dumpsters, and recycling bins are provided in three locations throughout woodlands.

  • In front of cottage 3 (on Baker Road)

  • In back of cottage 14 (on Judy road entering Woodlands)

  • In front of cottage 26 and Cottage 20 ( inner road)

Compost:  across from cottage 22

Garbage bins: located at the pool and laundry room.


Large garbage collection (furniture, etc) happens in the spring and fall. Please ask Kathleen Stringer for dates and how to dispose of unwanted, large items.

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