Laundry Room


The laundry room, located behind cottage #12,  is supplied with four coin-operated washing machines and three coin-operated dryers.



Wash and dry cycle require $1.00 to begin. (quarters only)

Each $1.00 dry cycle is 32 minutes, 8 minutes per additional $.25 


Hours of Operation:

Daily 9am-9pm


The machines are maintained by SDI Online Laundry Solutions







Laundry detergent and other washing supplies are at the co-operators expense.


**Cleaning up is the responsibility of the community. There is a broom available for sweeping, a small lint brush to clean lint filters,  two bags hanging opposite the washers for lint/other small debris.  Just outside the door is a garbage can. Empty bottles/containers in the recycling.**



If there any concerns related to the laundry room, please contact Maintenance Chair Kathleen Stringer any member of the board.



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